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Ulverston Inshore Rescue

Swift Water Rescue Trained Crew (Level 3 &5)

Ulverston In Shore Rescue

Was set up after many tragedies on the dangerous Bay Sands, it was started 14 years ago and we have 14 volunteers, who have first aid, knots, map reading, compass work, radio comms and all other aspects of safety at sea training to their cerdit

Please click the link below to view some of our training photographs:

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Training Photos

We are recruiting

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UIR Kit List:

Lady Maria -     Download

Arancia -          Download

 Quad Bikes -    Download    

Toyota Hilux -   Being Updated

Hovercraft -     Being Updated

View the profiles of our present Inshore Rescue Crew:

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UIR Crew List

All Crew trained to MCA Standards

International Nuclear Services (INS)

INS has kindly donated 6 x Sets of Swift Water Rescue equipment to Ulverston Inshore Rescue this will enable them to fully function as Level 3 Swift Water Rescue Technicians.  

Paul Wojcik (UIR) is pictured receiving a cheque from Rob Wood - Terminal Manager (INS)

Pictured in the new suits are Swift Water Crew Members Paul Sullivan and Joe Wojcik.

All Crew to attend the Training / Maintenance on the specified dates below:

Date - 02/10/2017 - Water Pumps

Date - 09/10/2017

Date - 16/10/2017 - SWT Training

Date - 23/10/2017

Training Update
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Some of our Sponsors with links to their Website

Ulverston Inshore Rescue - Registered Charity 1101567