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We are Fund Raising to replace our Crew Cabin / Ops room if you would like to sponsor us then please e-mail

us below for more information.

Target:   £10.000.00

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Lady Maria Rescue Boat

Arancia Surf Rescue Craft

Polaris 550cc Quad Bike

Infinity Twin Engine Rescue Hovercraft

Crew Training

Ulverston Inshore Crew

UIR 01: Bruce Chattaway

UIR 02: Paul Wojcik

UIR 03: James Neild

UIR 04: Pete Graham

UIR 05: Chris Wilde

UIR 06: Geoff Cross

UIR 07: Joseph Wojcik

UIR 08: Tom Plybus

UIR 09: Martin Sherwood

UIR 10: Matt Slater

UIR 11: Kirsty Frame

UIR 12: Stuart Cuthbertson

UIR 14: Clair Dixon

UIR 15: Mike Davis